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Wesley Hesketh


I humbly thank you for coming to my site.
I hope you will look around and buy something.
I come from an abusive background.
I was told “you will never amount to anything”.
Well I am here to prove them wrong.
Thank you for helping me proves that.
I wish I could thank each one of you personally.
I hope you find a bit of yourselves in what I offer.
It’s done with love in my heart for you.
Thank you again anything you do for me,
is greatly appreciated. Please come again.
Thank you.  Blessings of the Light.
 put my name in search and you will get all 5 of my books I have 3 poems here 3 poems for each book  also Anywhere on any instrument, pc, table, iphone. ETC you can download my Ebooks at the sale price of $2.99 for over 50 poems in each book
I am 76 I believe in music. I was raised in the Bay Area in Ca now I live in Oregon outside Portland.
I believe that WE are forever. The body is only one part of us that God is omnipotent. We are connected to the Power of the Universe, which is God. He is my companion. He leaves me speechless. I have been writing poetry most of my life and want to paint pictures with my words.



I have works in City. Night. Sky. also in Echoes published by Write Around Portland, in the International who's who in poetry, I have works displayed on, I have some non-Christian work on, and on I've been published in many social newspapers and church publications. my poems are in 20,000 libraries overdrive I have published 5 books Turning Point, Believe, Letters, Penciled Thoughts, and Thy Will be Done  I have 5 videos on YouTube. and one single  and an album with 19 songs in it on  My poetry has been read over 166,000 times throughout the world  I produced /compose/sing and play keyboards. I have written over 29 songs, one I performed in church. 

B OOK  $4.95 Each
50 poems in each book

[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Those who are lost in sin

and cannot find a way.

Come read the poems I've written;

come hear the things I say.

They will show God loves you,

He understands your needs.

He'll give you everlasting life,

from sin He'll set you free.  

 We come to a place in our lifewhen\we need to make a choice. Helplessness, hopelessness, becomes that heavy load we can longer carry. Perhaps you need a new direction. The choice is yours, but I hope this helps you find the answers. It might even be your Turning Point
 Please read my humble works –

you might find a part of you –

I hope they will encourage

and help you see life through.


I’ve stumbled through the world; I could not find my way.
Nothing seemed to go right, no matter what I’d say.
I traveled down some darkened roads, I could not see the Light.
I did not know what to do, nothing turned out right.

I was at the bitter end.
This is what happened to me;
I met this Awesome God
who helped me to Believe.

If you reached your Turning Point
And choose God to lead the way.
He will show you what to do
And help with what you say.

Give your hopes and fears to Him
and peace you will receive.
He can be your answer
if only you believe.

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These Letters I write tell the story.

my feelings I will write down.

I love her so much and I know,

my soulmate I’ve finally found.


The woman I love is like no other,

she’s always on my mind.

In my heart there’s room for her

She’s with me all the time.


I hope you find your soulmate.

Maybe these words might help you.

I hope they get you in touch with those feelings.

And inspire you to write them down.

Give yourself to her.

She needs to know you’re the one…

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[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The Poems that are within can be so very black.  A Spiro into the pits of hell was a long dark fight   with my mind.  I was lost in it’s smoke filled hallways

So many different things were happening awas frozen in life so these are my Penciled Thoughts

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  1. Managing Director
When you are in trouble call on God, He is the only one that can truly help you.  God had given you the power and healing in you.  All you have to do is honestly accept it.  God is there to show you your way.  The way you should be going.
Pray never ending, keep His words in your mind.  Know you are a child of the most high God.  You have all His
 riches before you, let Him be the master of your life, and as you pray end your prayer.
Father, thy will be done.  In Jesus name amen.

Hot off the press

As you can see and hear  I have raised enough for a copyright on my music.  I hope you listen to some of it  and maybe buy some.  I am offering music videos also.  In Augest I will be on YouTube with all my goodies  come visit my there

                          Other Books

You are invited to read my first five books,

Turning Point, Believe, and Letters,  Penciled Thoughts, and Thy Will be Done


 Mindscape, and Colored Words,Thoughts and Love, COMING SOON I hope you find encouragement and part of yourself in my poems and music. you will find my music on sound

Thank you for your time.  Enjoy!


Poetry Sample

  Turning Point

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Safe Harbor

I stand before my Father in filthy rags.

Soul stained with sin.

Once again I failed in my search for the perfection of Christ.

Strong winds tear at my sails and my rudder's broken.

Only you can bring my to safe harbor.

                                                               I cry for you to rescue me from my enemies,

for I am tired and sick. Touch me with your

mercy and everlasting love.

Give me strength to stand and fight.                                                   

My bones are weary and my pain is great.

Without You the sun ceases to warm me.

Wheat does not satisfy my hunger.

Water does not quench my thirst.

Anything is nothing without You. 

ve me strength to grasp Your hand again.

Praise be to the Lord God for He gives.

Take me where I need to go. Make me who I am.

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I stand here on this mountaintop For the entire world to see.

Just how thankful I’ve become You know, it’s hard to be thankful in this World today.

I see the rich man steal a lot of the time.

He stands with blinded eyes to all but his own plight.  He devours love and spit out the leftovers hatred.  I see the pain of the people, if left unattended grow into the gushing wounds of poverty. 

Most people will say, you can’t feel that way today.

You must have hope, but they over look the reality of now.

In truth and light He sees the retching of a dieing World. 

I don’t think He is thankful for what we have done with His beautiful creation. We have crushed it and tore it asunder. We have wasted His resources.  Been lustful with greed. We are motivated by fear. Fear of not getting.

With a troubled heart I stand before the Lord. 

I stumbled over words to say.

He calms my screeching mind.  I ask Him why He ignores us as we swirled in the cesspool we call life.  Quietly He speaks less I quake, “I have not looked the other way but am waiting.  You have not asked Me.  All I hear from you is, why has God done this  to me?  When you find the truth you will find Me.”  

You know what?  I think we all have to fight our own Armageddon.  It is our choice  if we want to fight it weak with hunger, or feed upon the Word and fight in full armor.

But that’s your path and He is waiting to make this a thanks giving again. Maybe there is a reason to have this day.  Maybe He does have a way to draw hope back from the abyss.  Maybe

Dark places
I run so fast to get nowhere
this hell’s inside my head.
In this place all melted down
 I am the living dead.
The wickedness spins all around
makes me feel real sick
I’m reaching for my Saviour,
I hope He will come quick.
The pain within tears me apart
shreds my very soul.
Keeping me from standing up,
I never can be whole.
The laughter that’s so evil
bounces off my brain.
It even changes how I think
it’s driving me insane.
My blessed Father hears my cry
calms my every fear.
Reaching down He makes things safe
and He holds me near.
Ever since I met our Lord
He’s been a major part.
He lives within my every move
the keeper of my heart.
“I’ll never leave thee nor forsake thee (Heb 13-5)
remember what I said.
I’ll save you from that evil place
where Angels fear to tread.”
Dark places

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Lady of Wisdom

A Conversation


Hi God.  Can I ask you something? I have always wondered if time was made for man, or man for time.  Do You think when we die we step out of time?  What was here before time?  I know that You God are everywhere, and know everything, so are You here in time and also outside of time?   Within us and without us.  What do You think?? 

I've been told our subconscious wants to please us.  Can we make our subconscious bring things into being? 
You can see I have many questions and I have my own theories.   I don’t believe that only my theories are gospel.  I am looking forward to talking to You again about this and the other things You have for me.  I am excited because many of the answers are bringing me closer to understanding.

Did You give us the power in the mind?  
Did You give us the abilities to change our ideas, into intentions, and then into reality?

 I’m glad that You hold me, You cool my troubled mind.  You smile because You know exactly what will be. 

You say that You love me that You are my friend,
I know I keep asking again and again.
You answer me quickly I don’t have to wait.
You forgive all my sins giving me a clean slate.

Finally one more thing I want to know, when we die do all our questions get answered?  Thank You for your time I know it is precious.   I enjoyed our time.  I love You.  Thanks again and I’ll see You tomorrow.
 Lady of wisdom sitting there,
Made my bed into her chair.
Writing poems and letters too,
Knows just what I’m going thru.
Lady of wisdom, lady of God

Forgets about her own pain,
Remembering a sad refrain,.
She writes it down and starts to pray,
This is how she spends her days.
Lady of wisdom, lady of God

She keeps me from being alone,
Making this a happy home.
But now she thinks of going away,
Even when I ask her to stay.

For now I’ll enjoy her here,
But when she’s gone I’ll shed a tear.
She loves me for who I be,
Causing me to be set free.
Lady of wisdom, lady of God
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Blots of shame stain my life
as I forever sin.
How could this God I find
change the shape I'm in.

I hide because of what I see
it hurts me deep inside.
I stumble and I fall again
display my foolish pride.

The weakness that possesses me
grinds me to the bone.
I see no relief in sight
causing my soul to moan.

In life's barren desert
my sins fill every day.
The weight they put upon me
will cause me to pass away.

I have no hope, empty inside
when I said, “achoo.”
A man standing next to me
said “God bless you.”

Suddenly there was the answer
staring me in the face.
So I fell upon my knees
asking God for grace.

A warmth possessed my body.
a tear was in my eye.
I felt the Lord had heard me
He will help me try.

It is really something
what words are said to you.
Can lead you to a straighter path
and show you what to do.

The strength I have to resist
I gather up each day.
God gives it to me so freely
He does it when I pray.

The next time that you sneeze
your life's about to change.
With the words “God bless you”
your life won't be the same.


Dreams in Time

 Loving You

 You Got A Friend

Oh the pain of losing you 6 Believe
Is more than I can give
So I will sit in the dark
And never try to live

No one cares about me
Or what I say or do
So I will sit here thinking
Of that special you

Your eyes pierce the darkness
That surrounds my life
So I can’t hide from you
It causing me such strife

Now I hear you calling
Makes me feel so fine
All I need is loving you
Till the end of time

Smoke fills my mind and I cannot see you.
Then my heart’s sad.
I surrender all.

My love for you is like a sun rise
that warms the coldness in the morning.
I thank God for bringing you into my life.
You woke a love in me that was long dead.
You helped me to trust again.

I look at your pictures and a joy builds in me.
One that wants you by my side.
My friend I love you.
Can we laugh again?
Only you can say.
Kiss me and let me know you love me.
I’m glad you are a part of my life.

What more do I have to say
to prove my love to you.
I hope I can chase
the loneliness that surrounds you.
It will cause you to laugh and not cry.

I pray our friendship grows
into a great caring for one another.
I am proud of our relationship.
I hope you are too.
Let me hug you and reassure you,
that you are safe with me.
You know I’ll come running
if you need me.
It’s because you are my friend
 I close my eyes and see your face,
This causes my heart to race.
I remember setting close to you
And holding you the whole night thru.

I held you hand and you held mine
Making me feel so fine
I leaned in and you leaned too,
Our lips met and it was true.

I touch you cheek oh so soft,
Sending my spirit aloft.
I felt your warmth rise to me
And you gave yourself so free.

Slowly I come back to the room
My soul covered with gloom
I look back and so it seemed
All of this was just a dream

Pencil Thoughts

Stranger in Me

Stormy Night

Only A Scream

Afraid to show just who I am
I hide me very deep.
I cannot change what is so real
while in this darkened sleep.

I’ve lived in make believe,
I don’t know who I am.
What you see is just a boy
inside’s a frightened man.

Who I am I do not know
I have no shape or form.
You reach out with tender hands
helping me stay warm.

You let me be, you show me love,
you accept me as I am.
Now I stand upon the rock
instead of in quicksand.

The phony me that I show
causes me such pain.
The real me I keep inside
it’s really not the same.

I will learn just who I am
in this I will succeed.
Coming out into fresh air
my captive soul I’ll free.
I stand here in my nakedness
not knowing what to do.
The sadnes s is so painful.
in ruins makes me blue.

I’ve ran out of money
cannot look for help.
Some won’t give an answer
all they do is yelp.

Now that I have lost you
no answers are around.
Now I have to go away
makes me feel so down.

I am surely scattered
all around the room.
Lose without my loved one
causing heavy gloom.

I see the only answer
is to take my life.
No one to help me
not a friend in sight.

My tears are leaking
running down my face.
I know I have messed up
drowning in disgrace.

I sit here and I wonder
will what I’m about to do?
Really be the answer
no help to see it through.

So I must end this
but I chickened out.
Tears inside my brain
I start hearing shouts.

No one has the answer
as I sit and dream.
But nothing comes to me
only a lonely scream           
It was a stormy night
The wind was howling through the trees
No shelter in sight for the boy
Oh how he wished for calm
But to no avail all he could do is fight the storm

Tears streamed from his eyes
But the rain made them invisible
On he trudged, wet and cold
Would he find relief?
In the distance he saw a tin roof cover and he ran for it
The drumming of the rain in the tin was deafening
The rain was unrelenting and so was the noise
Now his tears became visible

He wished he were back home snuggling in his warm bed
He saw a man, an army lieutenant, coming closer
In his hand was a machine gun blazing away
Bullets churned the ground around the boy
Then came a sharp pain biting at his side
Down he went, blood streaming down his leg

As the sun rose, he was dimly aware of how weak he was
He fought back the darkness that was creeping into his soul
He began to shake, harder and harder came the shaking

“Billy wake up” his mother said
He became aware of the softness of his bed
And the tender hands that shook him
“Billy wake up,” again came the gentle shaking
He through his arms around his mother
Safe from the nightmare he had, had

Thy Will be Done

My Whispers

Father can You hear me
as I drift within my dreams?
Or am I just a whisper
lost in all these screams?

My sins have made me dirty
I cannot see the light.
Can't tell if I'm up or down
or am I wrong or right.

I feel an evil lurking
around Heaven's door.
But You calm my every fear
so they will be no more.

Help me in my weakness
as I stumble all around.
Give me peace in knowing
my Savior I've just found.

I'm so glad You're with me
I can feel You there.
You cleanse  me of unrighteousness
You've shown me that You care.

Each day I'm walking with You
I hear just what You say.
You teach me how to live
and to kneel and pray,

Father sometimes I tremble
afraid You're not there
And the halls are empty
as if nobody cares.

Then I feel Your wings around me
with a Light that filled my soul.
It let me know that once again
I’m cleanse, You've made me whole.
Thy Will Be Done

My Father sits and watches
me roam around the earth.
Trying to do things on my own
I've done this from my birth.

I always get in trouble
making a mess of things.
Never knowing what to do
or what tomorrow brings.

Failing in my foolishness
never getting it right.
I wasted all of my days
and stumble round at night.

Never known the Father's love
scattered by a raging storm.
Living out in the bitter cold
never find a place that's  warm.

Patiently God's waiting
because He knows the way.
He has given me free will
in what I do and say.

Deep in sin I've giving up
I have nowhere to run.
I've fall down on my knees
and called upon the Son.

God hears my every word
with tender love and care.
He reaches out dries my tears
lets me know He's there.

He's love is everlasting
it warms my cold cold bones.
He lifts me up, carries me
I'll never be alone.

 Father, thy will be done
You took my sins away.
Jesus paid the price for me
what more is there to say.
Again and Again
He hear my trumpets blowing
they are echoes in the winds.
They announce the arrival
of my greatest sins.

Then I ask forgiveness
believing what I say.
But I go on sinning
it happens every day.

Repeating every word I say
they're bouncing off the wall.
Again and again I'm failing
how can He believe at all?

Running away I'm hiding
so He cannot see.
All of my stumbling
the retched fool that's me.

Yet I hear Him calling
whispering my name.
He says that He understands
forgives me just the same.

Again I stand before God
Jesus is by my side.
Confessing all that I've been
Tearing down my pride.

Jesus says, “this one's mine
he's covered with My blood.”
Then He puts His arms about me
shields me with His love.

This is that fatal something
that I don't understand.
I cannot shed the sin nature
that's born in every man.

He listens to the words I say
as I repeat them one by one.
Then says that I'm forgiven
that's why He gave His Son.

So I am rejoicing
forgiven in His eyes.
Coated with righteousness
                                                                       He remembers all my tries.

I know it's not the stopping
I fail that every time.
For He looks within me
into this heart of mine.

He sees the love's that is mine.
That I give to Him.
He now guides the things I do
forgetting where I've been.

He's there listening to me
He hear my every strife.
He covers me with His wings
Giving back my life.

He is reaching for you.
For you He'll do the same.
He'll throw the biggest part

He will always give to you
forgiveness you're asking for.
He gently pushes you along
he says, “go and sin no more.”


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